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Wooden posts

wooden posts

wooden posts for orchards

wooden posts for vineyards

pine poles

Wooden posts for orchards and vineyards

We are a manufacturer of wooden posts utilized in orchards and vineyards. We offer white posts (untreated) and chemically treated posts (impregnated with high quality German chemical named Korasit under high pressure with autoclave). In our offer you can find both standard sizes and made to measure products.

Wooden posts are used for stabilization of fruit trees, wine and other plants, such as beans or pepper. The larger posts are used for more advanced constructions for protection against birds, insects or hail.

Wooden posts made out of pine

Our wooden posts are mostly made of pine wood (pinus silvestris). Pine wood is suitable for machine processing and has low weight/volume ratio which makes it widely utilized in fruit-growing industry, gardening, construction and many other industries.

Physical characteristics of pine wood: color: from light brown to reddish brown; density – approx. 470 kg/m3, porosity – 60%

Chemical characteristics of pine wood: good mechanical strength, springy wood, relatively soft (28-30 MPa under 15% humidity).

The average usability of untreated (white) wooden posts varies from 4 to 8 years (after four years the first effects of rotting are becoming visible). The average usability of treated (impregnated) wooden posts varies from 10 up to 16 years. The decision of utilizing unprofessionally treated posts should be carefully thought over as unprofessionally undergone impregnation process can cause serious health hazards and irreversible soil contamination.